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Produced by Jonny Jyemo

Jonny Jyemo - Musical Arrangement, Drums
Olivia Rebolledo - Keyboards
Whitney Hernandez - Vocals
Big Samir - Vocals
Aja Black - Vocals
Zivanai Masango - Vocals
Lem Williams - Drums
Paul McDaniel - Bass
Mario Moreno - Percussion Instruments
Juan Moreno - Percussion Instruments
Neil Sullivan - Background Vocals, Guitar
Jus Goodie - Vocals

Tracking Engineer(s) - Jonny Jyemo, Juan Moreno, Chris Wright
Violet Recording

Mixing Engineers - Chris Wright
Violet Recording

Mastering Engineer - Mike Yach

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6 new tunes in 6 different styles. Offering full band arrangements- "Irie In the Morning" & "Watching From the Moon", modern dancehall featuring The Reminders -"Issa Ting", the bumpin reggaeton- "Feliz", slow and heavy dub-"Piece Of Mind", y reggae en español- "Volar Volar".

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