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Irie In The Morning

Irie In The Morning

Produced by Jonny Jyemo

Jonny Jyemo - Musical Arrangement
Whitney Hernandez - Vocals
Lem Williams - Drums
Paul McDaniel - Bass
Mario Moreno - Percussion Instruments
Juan Moreno - Percussion Instruments
Neil Sullivan - Guitar, Background Vocals
Zivanai Masango - Guitar, Background Vocals
Olivia Rebolledo - Keyboards

Tracking Engineer(s) - Jonny Jyemo, Chris Wright, Juan Moreno
Violet Recording

Mixing Engineer - Chris Wright
Violet Recording

Mastering Engineer - Mike Yach

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“Irie in the Morning” by Jyemo Club is a melodic reggae-inspired tune with a positive message. They lyrics speak to catching that moment after waking up in the morning with that irie feeling in your heart and giving thanks and gratitude to start the day. Start the day with a deep breath coupled with a deep groove and give thanks for all the blessings in your life. The track is the third single release off of the group’s forthcoming EP, Epoch. . Born in Colorado and now based in Los Angeles, Jyemo Club features members who represent the heritage and culture of Cuba, Mexico, Zimbabwe, The Philippines, and the United States and are perfect ambassadors to feature their array of influences on Color Red’s global music channel.

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