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Hipnotic Nomad

Hipnotic Nomad

Color Red Producer: Mike Tallman, Josh Fairman

Josh Fairman
Jeff Franca
Mike Tallman

Josh Fairman - Bass
Mike Tallman - Guitar
Joe Tatton - Keyboards
Jeff Franca - Drums/Percussion 
Josh Fairman - Tracking Engineer
Color Red Studios
Tascam 388

Josh Fairman - Mixing Engineer
Scanhope Sound

David Glasser - Mastering Engineer
Airshow Mastering

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Imagine yourself on a picturesque journey taking in the vibrancy of Mali and West Africa. The lush scenery and indomitable sense of adventure are accompanied by a soundtrack of Tinariwen and Vieux Farka Toure. “Hipnotic Nomad” by The Echo System will find listeners arriving in a familiar place.

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