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Production Credits:

Produced by Jack Magnet

Tracking Engineer(s): Joshua Fairman, Wade Koeman

Overdub Engineer: Árni Hjörvar

Mixing Engineer: Daniel Goodwin

Mastering Engineer: Scott Kinsey

Performed by Jack Magnet, Eyþór Gunnarsson, Sigtryggur Baldursson, Einar Scheving, Phil Doyle, Matthew Garrison, DíSA

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Jack Magnet Science releases "ITSYAMO", the second single from the forthcoming album 'Future Forecast' from Floki Studios. The latest release from the future-forward alternative jazz project creates layers of dreamlike textures with their impressive ensemble, including members of renowned Icelandic groups Stuðmenn and The Sugarcubes, decorated by the masterful rhythms of the legendary Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steps Ahead). "ITSYAMO" is just one of the 7 final tracks stemming from a unique 3-day session at Floki Studios in Iceland, which culminated into hours of improvised music, each detailing a sonic exploration of its own. As the final release before the unveiling of 'Future Forecast', "ITSYAMO" highlights the group's diverse dynamic skillset and prepares listeners for a release that will undoubtedly help uplift the newly recognized GRAMMYs category of alternative jazz in an international scope.

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