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Wild Card

Wild Card

Production Credits:

Produced by Jack Magnet
Sound Engineer(s): Josh Fairman, Wade Koeman, Árni Hjörvar

Mixing Engineer: Daniel Goodwin

Mastering Engineer: Scott Kinsey

Performed by Matthew Garrison, Peter Erskine, Gundmundur Petursson, Jack Magnet, Eyþór Gunnarsson, Ragga Gísla, Sigtryggur Baldursson, Einar Scheving, & Phil Doyle
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Wild Card” by Jack Magnet Science is a confluence of Jakob Magnússon’s fascinating life that spans five decades of work as a prolific musician, TV & film producer, environmental activist, and even a stint as the cultural attaché of the Icelandic embassy in London. After co-founding the prolific Icelandic band Stuðmenn in high school, Magnússon became enamored with the iconic fusion band Weather Report and the formative Bitches Brew (Miles Davis) sessions that spawned the band. Fast forward to present times, Magnússon corralled some of his former former Stuðmenn collaborators as well as favorite modern LA-based musicians to embark on a session at Floki Studios, a remote studio in Northern Iceland. The premise was simple: let’s play and see what happens.

Wild Card” is the first taste of what’s to come on the album Future Forecast, a double entendre nodding to the band’s admiration for Weather Report and Magnússon’s fascinating environmental work background. The track features Weather Report drummer Peter Erskine, revered fusion bassist Matthew Garrison, prominent Icelandic vocalists Ragga on lead and Disa on background, and fellow Stuðmenn alums Eythor Gunnarsson (keyboards), Siggi Baldursson (percussion), Phil Doyle (saxophone), and Einar Scheving (percussion). Formed out of an initial groove of Garrison’s sauntering bass line and Erskine’s effortlessly commanding drums joined by percussionists Baldursson and Scheving, Magnusson and Doyle could remain laid back and insert impactful melodic ideas as they organically served the music. The impact the Icelandic and American musicians had on one another instilled a mutual sense of admiration as Erskine remarked on how tasteful icelandic keyboardists played and sang Ragga’s praising remarking on how her phrasing reminded him of Wayne Shorter and that it was the most fruitful experience he had ever had working with a female vocalist.
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