Mind On My Heart

By: Max Kaplan & The Magics
Produced By: Max Kaplan & The Magics
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Max Kaplan basks in the long lineage of music born out of Memphis in his first Color Red single “Mind on My Heart.” Steeped in retro horn lines, nostalgic guitar strumming and chord movement, and pop-soul vocals, it is evident that Kaplan has done his homework taking notes from iconic labels like Stax and Hi Rhythm while carving out a style of his own and veering away from derivation. Lyrically, “Mind on My Heart” is about finding balance between allocating time and energy to support your relationships while being immersed in a big project or entrenched with work. Kaplan is on the trajectory to initiate a new sound in the Memphis music scene and will steadily release new music in collaboration with Color Red.