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Mind On My Heart (CD)

Mind On My Heart (CD)

Produced by Matthew Wilson, Max Kaplan, Jad Tariq, Jon Hay

Max Kaplan - Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Al Gamble - Vibraphone, Electric Organ
Jad Tariq - Guitar
Matthew Wilson - Sound Effects, Percussion Instruments, Drums, Background Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Jon Hay - Bass, Guitar
Danny Banks - Drums
Gerald Stephens - Acoustic Piano, Electric Organ
Art Edmaiston - Saxophone, Horn Arrangements 
Marc Franklin - Trumpet
Alice Hasen - String Instruments

Tracking Engineer(s) - Jon Hay, Matthew Wilson
Queen of Tuck Studios, The Harbert House

Overdub Engineer(s) - Jon Hay, Matthew Wilson
Queen of Tuck Studios, The Harbert House

Mixing Engineer - Matthew Wilson, Kevin Houston
The Harbert House, North Mississippi Studio

Mastering Engineer(s) - Mike Bridavsky, Jim Demain, Doug Krebs
Russian Recording, Yes Master Studios, Doug Krebs Mastering

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Max Kaplan & The Magics are the newest generation of Memphis-based bands that captures the essence of the city's rich musical heritage. With soulful guitar leads and a tight rhythm section, the band creates a fresh and original sound that harks back to the sonic landscape of funky Motown and Stax era soul mixed with guitar-driven blues of the 1960s. With influences ranging from B.B. King to Leon Bridges, James Brown to Alabama Shakes, and Al Green to The Staples Singers, Kaplan’s music is a perfect blend of old-school soul and modern-day energy. The band’s debut album ‘Mind on my Heart’ is a testament to the band’s deep-rooted love of this linage though the sweet soul waltz “What Kind of Fool” to the upbeat and danceable “Born to Love You.” The band pays homage to one of their favorite soul tunes “99 Pounds” Ann Peebles that has become a fan favorite during their live performances. ‘Mind on My Heart’ is a promising debut that’s perfect for anyone who holds a special place in their heart for nostalgic Memphis-soul music looking to experience it through an exciting new lens.

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