By: Jedi Johnston
Produced By: Aaron Johnston
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If Aphex Twin were to compose a crossover track that blends the virtuosity of bebop and with a drum n’ bass backbeat and features John Coltrane, it would sound just like “Momento,” the third release by J.E.D.I. Short for “Jazz Electronic Dance Improvised,” this tune epitomizes every single aspect of the band’s acronymic name. There’s the jazzy flavor reminiscent of Tony Williams in the Miles Davis fusion era. There’s a signature drum ’n' bass tempo that will transport you to a London warehouse in the early 90s. The upbeat melodies will make even the most stoic individuals get out of their seats and dance. And there’s plenty of improvisation, best highlighted through the soaring sax solo by Dominic Lalli. Above all, once you hear the track it will serve as a “momento,”—a sonic depiction of embracing the moment and a new keepsake that encompasses the past, present, and future in one.