Jedi Johnston - "Mr. Sneaky" | Color Red Music

Mr. Sneaky

By: Jedi Johnston
Produced By: Aaron Johnston
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If you’re going to slink through spy-like melodies and half-time and double-time feels, tell it like it is and name the tune appropriately. “Mr. Sneaky” by Aaron Johnston’s (Brazilian Girls) newest project J.E.D.I., does just that on their second single as part of a monthly release series via Color Red. The initial melody embodies Mission Impossible vibes and right when it settles in, the track breaks down into ethereal chord voicings courtesy of Borahm Lee on Rhodes. From there, it ramps into a breakbeat double-time feel before taking it home back to the initial melody. Just as any classic spy movie exemplifies, “Mr. Sneaky” is mysterious, funky, playful, and always there watching and waiting. Stay tuned for the next single by J.E.D.I. coming out on April 16th.