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Rare Sounds Box #4: "Head West"

Rare Sounds Box #4: "Head West"

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'Head West'

  • Polyrhythmics - Libra Stripes (2013)
  • True Loves - Famous Last Words (2017)
  • Eddie Roberts' West Coast Sounds - It's About Time (2012)


"I originally moved to San Fransisco in 2012 because I was drawn to the incredible funk and soul scene that was exploding on the west coast. Bands such as the Polyrhythmics and True Loves were developing a traditional boogaloo sound into something so modern and hip. The musicianship was taken to a whole new level. These artists continued the funk and soul revival that was established in the 90s but modernized it in a completely unique way. Just as I needed to be a part of the scene then, I knew these records needed to be a part of the Rare Sounds vinyl club now.” - - Eddie Roberts

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