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Color Red Producer: Jack Powell

Produced by Jack Powell

Jack Powell - Guitar (Electric), Synthesizer, Samples & Effects, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Percussion Instruments, Electric Organ
Nicholas Carusos - Bass Guitar (Electric), Fender Rhodes
Jordan McLean - Trumpet
Dave "Smoota" Smith - Trombone
Ross Bogan - Electric Organ, Clavinet
Alan Brisendine - Electric Organ
Alanna Royale - Vocals
Helen Gillet - Cello

Tracking Engineer(s) - Jack Powell, Dave "Smoota" Smith, Helen Gillet
Opus Thimble Studios, White Fur Underground Studios

Mixing Engineer - Jack Powell
Opus Thimble Studios

Mastering Engineer - Dave "Smoota" Smith, Dave Harris
Opus Thimble Studios, Studio B Mastering

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Hot Mustard returns with an epic second course that brings new depth of flavor to the unique sound that the duo served up on their debut. In the mix with the hard-hitting drums, tasty guitar and ultra groovy low end, lies the punchy brass work of Antibalas’ trumpeter Jordan Mclean and TV on the Radio Trombonist Dave ’Smoota’ Smith. The album, titled ‘Seconds’, features a spicy blend of Hammond organ throughout and is garnished by the masterful hands of cellist Helen Gillet. The lone vocal on the album is delivered by the soulful songstress Alanna Royale who caps off the feast brilliantly. Hip-hop aficionados and connoisseurs of vintage funk and soul are certain to leave the table with their taste buds buzzing after this one.
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