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Window Seat

Window Seat

Color Red Producer: Jack Powell

Producer - Jack Powell

Jack Powell - Guitar (Electric), Synthesizer
Nicholas Carusos - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Jordan McLean - Trumpet
Dave "Smoota" Smith - Trombone

Tracking Engineer - Dave "Smoota" Smith, Jack Powell
White Fur Underground Studios, Opus Thimble Studios

Mixing Engineer - Jack Powell
Opus Thimble Studios

Mastering Engineer - Dave Harris
Studio B Mastering

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Window Seat, the second single off of Hot Mustard’s debut LP, begins with a sparse boom bap style intro that explodes into a ceremony of brass infused cinematic soul before bottoming out into darkness, weaving and winding its way toward a triumphant epiphany that ties together the previous themes in extraordinary fashion. Carefully woven together by the all brass horn arrangement of Grammy-nominated Jordan Mclean (Antibalas), Window Seat is a musical journey that exemplifies Hot Mustard’s style and originality.

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