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The End of Time

The End of Time

Color Red Producer: Jack Powell

Produced by Jack Powell

Jack Powell - Guitar (Electric), Synthesizer, Samples & Effects
Nicholas Carusos - Bass Guitar (Electric), Fender Rhodes
Alanna Royale - Vocals
Ross Bogan - Electric Organ

Tracking Engineer - Jack Powell
Opus Thimble Studios

Mixing Engineer - Jack Powell
Opus Thimble Studios

Mastering Engineer - Dave "Smoota" Smith
Opus Thimble Studios

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'The End of Time' is a sonic declaration radiant with the psych-soul, funky trip-hop aesthetic that has shaped the Hot Mustard sound. Carried by heavy organ chops and trashy rolling drums, the track cascades through several powerful passages before the brilliant Alanna Royale enters the scene with a short but stirring vocal performance. The track will finish out the forthcoming sophomore album, Seconds, in exceptional style, cementing another inspiring work of art into the Hot Mustard catalog.
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