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Sleep Depraved

Sleep Depraved

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts
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WRD emulates the rush of adrenaline that comes from a marathon week of gigs during New Orleans’ Jazz Fest in “Sleep Depraved.” Organist Robert Walter reflects on how music tends to get dirtier and more immediate in the extreme conditions from two weeks of late night gigs where the joy of music overrides exhaustion. The track is heavily influenced by mid-70s jazz-funk artists like Roy Ayers and Donald Byrd and Grant Green’s album ‘Live at the Lighthouse,’ carrying the same fervor as the ironic album, but with organ trio instrumentation. “Sleep Depraved” was recorded during a 1-day session at Color Red Studios in Denver, CO where the band worked swiftly to talk down arrangements and roll the tape. The track encapsulates the group’s chemistry and high-level artistry while prefacing a full-length album produced by Roberts that will come out in 2021.

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