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The Good Life

The Good Life

Produced by Lee Hamilton, Craig Welsch

Lee Hamilton - Tenor Saxophone
Adam Clark - Drums
Chris Lopes - Bass
Nina Ott - Keyboards
Steve Fell - Guitar
Van Martin - Guitar
Eric Lane - Keyboards
Sam Dechenne - Trumpet
Clayton Dewalt - Trombone
Yahuba Jose Garcia-Torres - Percussion Instruments

Tracking Engineer - Craig Welsch
Rear Window Studio

Mixing Engineer - Craig Welsch
Rear Window Studio

Mastering Engineer - Jeff Lipton
Peerless Mastering

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The Super 20’s debut single “The Good Life” is an optimistic horn-driven track that evokes inspiration from reggae and afrobeat legends past and present. The project is the creation of longtime New York saxophonist, Lee Hamilton that features a cast of musical vagabonds who have performed with Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars, Chicago Jazz Underground, Debo Band, Slightly Stoopid and more. “The Good Life” summons emotions that are hopeful as well as tense and push forward towards the greater unknown reveling in the journey as a whole. Hamilton cites the Paulo Coelho book ‘The Alchemist’ as inspiration as well. The song channels influence by reggae greats like Rico Rodriguez and Tommy McCook as well curational expertise drawn from modern staples in the circuit like Quantic. It is the perfect introduction of a new project that savors every moment along the way from the beginning to the very end.

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