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Winds of Wareika

Winds of Wareika

Produced by Lee Hamilton, Craig Welsch

Lee Hamilton - Tenor Saxophone
Adam Clark - Drums
Chris Lopes - Bass
Nina Ott - Keyboards
Eric Lane - Keyboards
Steve Fell - Guitar
Sam Dechenne - Trumpet
Clayton Dewalt - Trombone
Van Martin - Guitar
Yahuba Jose Garcia-Torres - Percussion Instruments

Tracking Engineer - Craig Welsch
Rear Window Studio

Mixing Engineer - Craig Welsch
Rear Window Studio

Mastering Engineer - Jeff Lipton
Peerless Mastering

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“Winds of Wareika” by The Super 20 is a horn-infested cooker that is a nod to the late, great, Rico Rodriguez. The introduction draws imagery of desolate deserts with its slow tempo and viscous horn sustains floating on top of cymbal rolls and textured bass pads. Once the tempo picks up, energetic horn lines transport listeners to the Wareika Hill in Jamaica with feelings of intrepidation and wonder. This is the title track off of the group’s debut album fronted saxophonist Lee Hamilton and producer/engineered by Craig Welsch. Both Hamilton and Welsh are luminaries in the modern dub/reggae scene and share a vision of crafting music that authentically feels good and capturing those feelings to tape.

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