Marcus Rezak’s ‘Truth in Sound,’ a virtuosic guitar-driven excursion through the realms of rock, progressive, jam, and groove-oriented music featuring Russ Lawton, Ray Paczkowski, and the late Tony Markelis of Trey Anastasio Band along with Kalyan Pathak on tabla and percussion. Rezak approached 'Truth in Sound' with a songwriter and story-telling mindset. While the album displays the same fierce jams and guitar shredding that his debut 'Gateway to the Galaxy' emitted into the universe, Rezak's focus on 'Truth in Sound' is showcasing heartfelt lyrics and musical healing to mirror his experiences since his initial release. During the challenges of COVID, he felt compelled to uplift and fill in where depression and confusion had become a part of so many people's everyday lives. In those initial lockdown months, renegade-style drive-up concerts were some of the only ways to keep music present for both musicians and music lovers alike. He saw a new purpose as he observed his music keep those isolated in good company and helping release some endorphins. "The final outcome of this record truly encapsulates a time in my life through a sound that I hope brings healing, joy, and excitement to those with open ears," says Rezak of the new EP. 

Produced By: Marcus Rezak

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