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Kyoto Cocktail

Kyoto Cocktail

Produced by Eddie Roberts

Marcus Rezak - Guitar (Electric)
Kris Myers - Drums
Chris Duffy - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Tyler Adams - Electric Organ

Tracking Engineer - William Umphrey
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Art Designer - Nic Bogdal
Odd Line Design

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“Kyoto Cocktail” by Marcus Rezak and Kris Myers encompasses the sonic grit and edginess of a live performance in a New York City dive bar. During a car ride to a gig the night before the session at Color Red Studios, the two discussed their mutual love for fusion music coming out of NYC in the 80s and 90s. This particular era possessed a paradoxical combination of rawness and commercial catchiness that Rezak and Myers sought to capture through both production and composition in the studio. Rezak’s virtuosic, yet tastefully expressive guitar work and Myers’ signature style of syncopated and sophisticated drumming are accompanied by Tyler Adams’ (The Jauntee) soaring organ pads and Chris Duffy’s (Magic Beans) subsonic bass. The track is an exploration of rich melodies and rhythmic latitude that encompasses Rezak and Myers’ pedigree through both cutting their teeth at Berklee College of Music and a combined 50 years of touring between the two of them. Like its namesake derived from the suave and worldly mixed drink, “Kyoto Cocktail” is a concoction of a fruitful 15-year collaborative history between two of the most highly regarded and multifaceted musicians on the modern touring circuit.

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