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Sweet Like Mary Jane

Sweet Like Mary Jane

Produced by Marcus Rezak

Marcus Rezak - Guitar
Adrian Tramontano - Drums
Chris DeAngelis - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Ray Paczkowski - B-3 Organ

Mixing Engineer - Joe Hettinga

Mastering Engineer - Phillip Shaw Bova

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Inspired by late ‘60s freedom rock, the anthemic “Sweet Like Mary Jane” does not leave room for interpretation with its progressive blues homage to women working in the cannabis industry. The song celebrates free spirits who enjoy fine herbs and rock ‘n’ roll drawing influence from Jimi Hendrix’s blues-rock era and a modern vocal and guitar solo style inspired by Warren Haynes. The track features Ray Paczkowski (Trey Anastasio Band), Adrian Tramontano (Twiddle & Kung Fu), and Chris DeAngelis (Kung Fu & The Machine). Rezak, a Chicago-native, has connected with GRAMMY-award-winner Paul Nelson to produce his next body of work entitled Guitar Head, a blues-oriented album that melds his prestige in the jam, improvisation, and songwriting world with his roots that hail from the “Home of the Blues.”
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