Light Of The Moon

By: Marcus Rezak
Produced By: Marcus Rezak
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Light of the Moon, is a true story about people of the night, sharing in the love of music, celebrating cathartically in the light of the moon with dance, joy, and memories at the core. The feeling of being carefree, letting go of all worries, and sending all of your vulnerabilities into space is the heart of this song. The story is inspired by the times we find ourselves in the LOTM, who we are with, where we are, and what we remember from those special moments. No matter where we find ourselves, we are always in the LOTM. It is special to note that this song as well as the others feature a live feel improv section captured on a studio recording. The true feeling of the 3 members of TAB and me will hopefully be recognized as a sound. The way in which Tony lays down the “strut” of the baseline is absolutely one of a kind. This song is unique in that it is the single release that truly expresses the foundation of the records healing theme, and is connective to GTTG’s in the interest of outer space. In addition, it features Kaylan Pathak on Tabla during the solo section adding a world music flavor not just on this track but on all with his use of percussion chimes, conga, shekere, and other exotic percussion instruments.