Neutron Orbiter

By: Marcus Rezak
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“Neutron Orbiter” is the result of four titans of cross-genre music producing a monster jam-fusion magnum opus. Each musician lends a special sound as you hear hints of Marcus Rezak’s masterful guitar, Joel Cummins’ (Umphrey’s McGee) layered synth work, Josh Fairman’s (SunSquabi/Analog Son) pocket bass, and Allen Aucoin’s (The Disco Biscuits) healthy mix of both time and breaks on the drums. Not only do you hear the signature sound that’s reminiscent of work in their respective projects, but everybody has a chance to shine as an individual. The group entered the studio with no prior outline and composed the song organically. It was recorded straight to tape on a Tascam 388 and later fleshed out with guitar overdubs at Fairman’s studio Scanhope Sound and keyboard overdubs at Eric Krasno’s studio in Los Angeles.