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Produced by Noa Belillti

Noa Belillti - Vocals, Background Vocals

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Austin-based songstress, NOA collaborates with Aldo Ramón (Menudo) in “Clouds,” a breezy reggae pop-track with a splash of cumbia. NOA penned lyrics that were inspired by her connection to music itself—music is an entity, a deity, and an energy that she can call upon and connect with regardless of what is happening in life. The music is inspired by Augustus Pablo, who uses melodica in reggae music and Aniceto Molina, a Colombian artist who infuses accordion in cumbia. NOA was brought into the Color Red family by Jeff Waluch, manager of Adelaide, Australia-based neo-blues act Kings & Associates who are fellow collaborators on the music discovery platform. “Clouds” represents the merger between hard work and playfulness in the organic, spontaneous way the content came together and the leap of faith NOA took to trust her gut and go for it rather than obsessing over perfection. This is the first single in an ongoing partnership with additional music to be released over the course of 2021.

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