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Noa continues to earn her status as a musical chameleon in her tantalizing third Color Red single “Rare.” Maturity, evolution, and vulnerability can all be attributed to trust and Noa entrusted both her fellow musicians and animator Fumihito Sugawara to add layers and supplement the creative process and final product with talents of their own. With only a melody and basic chord progression, each musician added whatever they wanted to the original blueprint one part of the time. In a similar manner, Noa created a simple storyboard, presented it to Sugawara, and absorbed the unhinged process of letting go to let the final product organically unfold. With bewitching vocals similar to modern icons like Erykah Badu and Emily King, the lyrics mirror surrendering to the flow as they speak to strong feelings, energetic pulls, and accepting that authenticity truly is a voice of your own.