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Produced by J Cherry Beatz, Noa Belillti

Noa Belillti - Vocals, Background Vocals
J Cherry Beatz - Bass, Keyboards
Michael Longoria - Drums
chr0niac - Guitar (Electric)

Mixing Engineer - chr0niac

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This track started with a simple instrumental from J Cherry Beatz, he actually sent me a number of instrumentals, but I heard this and knew it was the one. It inspired melody and lyrics instantly and we got to work. The lyrical themes circle around creating safe spaces for intimacy. In my personal life I was going through lots of changes that had me reconsidering what honesty and safety meant to me. How to be there for others when they need to share, what to share when it's my turn. How to know who is emotionally safe. You know how music or art can take something really personal and once you write about it, paint about it, sing about it etc. its outside of you? You can see the forest for the trees? This tune helped me do that. It was mostly a writing experiment, but we dug it so much it grew into a tune that I knew I wanted to include on my album.

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