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Come Out At Night

Come Out At Night

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts

Produced by Eddie Roberts

Lucas de Mulder - Guitar
Simon Allen - Drums
Nate Edgar - Electric Bass
Joe Tatton - Electric Organ, Keyboard

Music and lyrics written by Lucas de Mulder

Tracking Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Lucas de Mulder takes a cinematic composition approach in “Come Out at Night” ft. Simon Allen and Joe Tatton of The New Mastersounds and Nate Edgar of The Nth Power. De Mulder envisioned a night driving scene where the driver takes in a new city intensely observing unfamiliar scenery and soaks in everything around them. The collaboration spurred from a summer night in Madrid where de Mulder and Eddie Roberts jammed at The Intruso Bar after a Matador! Soul Sounds performance. A few weeks later, Lucas sent Eddie a demo and was invited out to Denver for Eddie to produce his next album.

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