Ginger Beat

By: Lucas de Mulder , The New Mastersounds
Produced By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
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Lucas de Mulder delivers a cross-continental heater with the all-star lineup he recruited for his lead single “Ginger Beat.” Featuring Joe Tatton and Simon Allen of The New Mastersounds and Nate Edgar (Matador! Soul Sounds, The Nth Power) the song packs a flavorful intensity inspired by the invigorating experience of tasting ginger for the first time—it’s upbeat, it has personality, and it fuses jazz and instrumental soul together effortlessly. In 2017, de Mulder’s group Mighty Vamp opened for The New Mastersounds in Madrid where they ended up jamming Grant Green and Boogaloo Joe Jones tunes together. Eddie Roberts and de Mulder met again a year later in Madrid during Matador! Soul Sounds tour where they not only linked at a jam session, but discussed Color Red. De Mulder sent Roberts a demo and upon listening, Eddie told him to come to Colorado and cut an album. The rest is history. “Ginger Beat” is the first single off a full-length record to come out on Color Red in early 2020.