Glow Worm

By: Photon
Produced By: Neal Evans
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Photon takes on musical bioluminescence ascending into the air and the trees in their fourth Color Red single “Glow Worm.” In the waltz paying homage to ECM icons such as Pat Metheny and Steve Swallow, “Glow Worm” goes through the circadian cycle of day and night where the worm and its friends are carefree and swinging through life during the day before illuminating at night. The daytime sections are optimistic, bouncy, and controlled, whereas the nighttime sections are more spontaneous with colorful effects, percussion bursts, and echo keyboards. In the same essence as the group’s third single “Mouse Hunt,” Photon invites listeners to take on the perspective of their titular creatures and experience what they see and feel as they embark down their paths of life. In the case of “Glow Worm,” it’s a celebration and a means for inspiration by simply existing.