Mouse Hunt

By: Photon
Produced By: Neal Evans
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Photon’s second single “Mouse Hunt” is a lustrous exploration in jazz fusion that depicts a mouse being pursued by a predator in their own home. Each section of the track reflects the rodent’s state of mind depending on which stage they’re at in the hunt. Featuring multi-faceted and frequent Color Red collaborators Neal Evans (drums), Dan Africano (bass), and Jimmy Dunstan (keyboards), the band’s 4-track series allows the electronic trio’s compositional side of their catalog to shine as their live shows generally highlight their long-form improvisation experience. Merging the framework of fusion pioneers Weather Report and Wayne Shorter and taking notes from the playbooks of modern marvels The New Deal and Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Photon embosses an infectious brand of instrumental storytelling that resonates with anybody who enjoys discovering good music.