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Go Faster

Go Faster

Color Red Producer: Strange Hotels

 Production Credits:

Produced by Strange Hotels and Charlie Jenkins

Tracking Engineer(s): Ben Braden, Nicholas Sadler

Mixing Engineer(s): Ben Braden, Nicholas Sadler

Mastering Engineer: Nicholas Sadler


All Instruments and Vocals Performed by Strange Hotels

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Strange Hotels releases their fourth and final single, "Go Faster", from their upcoming full-length debut album release, 'Hideout In The District". "Go Faster" is in many ways a classic Strange Hotels track, filled with catchy hooks, driving danceable rhythms, and dripping with an indie/synth-pop sound akin to 00's legends such as LCD Soundsystem. This final single from the forthcoming album from Strange Hotels is sure to be a go-to anthem for summer drives, late nights in the city, and any other soundtrack you may need to keep your head nodding and body grooving.

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