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Let The Music

Let The Music

Color Red Producer: Strange Hotels

Produced, Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Strange Hotels

All Instruments and Vocals Performed by Strange Hotels, except Piano performed by Dave Yaden

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"Let The Music" is the first single from Strange Hotels' first full-album release, "Hideout In the District". The track features piano performances from GRAMMY-winning songwriter Dave Yaden and has an infectious, danceable groove from start to finish. The LA-based duo has created a unique sound mixing indie, electro, dance, rock, and folk elements, coupled with a wildly entertaining live stage presence that can be seen throughout their performances around the LA area. "Let The Music", as well as the additional tracks on their upcoming album release from Color Red, were entirely written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Strange Hotels in their studio in the LA Arts District. Once you hear the first few bars of "Let The Music", you can't help but start to move your body to the rhythm.
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