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The Clock Won't Tick

The Clock Won't Tick

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts

Producers - Eddie Roberts & Will Holand

Eddie Roberts - Guitar     (The New Mastersounds)
Will Holland - Guitar    (Quantic)
Jeff Franca - Drums, Percussion Instruments (Thievery Corporation / ETHNO)
Josh Fairman - Bass    (Sunsquabi, Analog Son)
Chris Spies - Keyboards  (Matador! Soul Sounds)
Mike Olmos - Trumpet     (Jazz Mafia, Etta James)
Jason Mingledorf - Saxophone (St. Paul & the Broken Bones, The Nightcrawlers)

Tracking Engineer - Will Holland, John Macy
Macy Sounds Studios, Selva Studios

Mixing Engineer - Will Holland
Selva Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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“The Clock Won’t Tick” is an exemplary track to introduce the collaboration between cross-continental musical masterminds, Quantic & Eddie Roberts. Not only are its physical origins the results of multiple sessions throughout the US, but you can hear an arsenal of music influences, which is to be expected in a duo with a top-tier musical pedigree and curational prowess. Quantic’s fuzzy guitar riffs ode to classic English rock bands like T-Rex while Mike Olmos (trumpet) and Jason Mingledorff (saxophone) grace the track with Memphis-style horn lines. Roberts delivers a refined wah-wah guitar solo over the world-class rhythm section of Jeff Franca, Josh Fairman, and Chris Spies. As for the origin story behind the name, Roberts recalls writing the track while staring at a clock he was given as a 40th birthday gift from his friend, singer Iain Mackenzie. The 1940s clock worked just fine while Roberts resided in the UK, but never worked again once he moved to the US. “The Clock Won’t Tick” is the lead single off of a 4-track EP to be released by Quantic & Eddie Roberts in 2021.

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