The Rarebit

By: Quantic , Eddie Roberts
Produced By: Quantic , Sounds of Eddie Roberts
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“The Rarebit” is by Quantic & Eddie Roberts is a Latin psychedelic funk odyssey paying homage to deep seated crate digging findings rooting back to Sivuca, Dom Um Ronao, and Gabor Sszabo. Holland and Roberts fleshed out the groundwork laid down by the initial quartet and added live, “in-the-moment” guitar parts and accordion, making it a true musical conversation refined by masters of their craft. The conversation is escalated by Roberts’ vintage production aptitude accompanied by Holland’s knack for coming up with interesting and catchy melodies. The title is derived from the famous dish “Welsh Rarebit,” in which Roberts and Holland share a mutual Welsh heritage alongside an affinity for orange wine. During the initial recording process, there was a herd of rabbits running around the parking lot every evening, like clockwork, which is another nod in naming the track.