By: Zbonics
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“Outerspace” by Zbonics sets the scene for backwards roller skating to a soundtrack embarking on an adventure for love. The rink is paved with silky grooves evocative of Earth, Wind, & Fire and polished with a smooth layer of songwriting that’s modern, yet implicative of Nick Drake and Brian Wilson. Bandleader Zak Najor won a remix contest held by Speech of Arrested Development and took his prize money to invest in a guitar and 4-track recorder. Noting that guitar is not his native instrument, Najor’s chord progressions and inversions are not that of a native performer on the instrument and give Zbonics a signature sound and production style. The lyrics don’t speak to unrequited love, but rather, the longing to long for love and the cosmic journey to direct the course of a relationship. Najor enlisted San Diego’s 2020 Artist of the Year, Rebecca Jade, to reproduce his lyrics and the end result is a laid back, velvety soundtrack to catapult a quest into whatever the next step of your journey might be.