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Did It Again

Did It Again

Color Red Producer: Jason Cressey

Producer - True Loves

Jason Cressey - Trombone
Greg Kramer - Trombone
Gordon Brown - Tenor Saxophone
Skerik - Baritone Saxophone
Jimmy James - Guitar (Electric)
Bryant Moore - Bass Guitar (Electric)
David McGraw - Drums
Iván Galvez - Percussion Instruments, Congas

Tracking Engineer - Floyd Reitsma
Studio Litho

Mixing Engineer - Floyd Reitsma
Studio Litho

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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True Loves’ “Did It Again” is inspired by the band’s affinity for Motown. Originally composed by Jimmy James, David McGraw and Bryant Moore, the tune started out as a sweet soul-groove written to be eventually joined by a vocalist. However, with the band performing and touring as an instrumental outfit it made sense to write a song that showcases the bands unique instrumentation and sound. After the band had rehearsed the tune a handful of times, Greg Kramer wrote and arranged an alluring horn melody, simple in its approach, that fills out the song while still enabling the groove to do the bulk of the talking. The result is this Daptone inspired, uptempo ballad featuring a romantic melody.

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