Yard Byrds

By: True Loves
Produced By: True Loves
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“Yard Byrds” by True Loves holds a slow and steady groove with a majestic melody on top. The tune was co-written by trombonist Greg Kramer and bassist Bryant Moore with the intent to write a classic using just four chords, a descending bass line, and a repeating 8th note pattern a la Dr. Dre with a stately melody riding on top. The icing on the cake was a countermelody played by woodwind section of Gordon Brown on flute/tenor sax and Skerik on baritone saxophone. The fourth single off of the group’s sophomore album ‘Sunday Afternoon’ is a nice contrast from their high-energy, fast tempo bangers, and allows both the group and their listeners to have a moment and breathe. Close your eyes for this one and take it all in.