Famous Last Words (2022 Remaster)

By: True Loves
Produced By: True Loves
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'Famous Last Words' was recorded Febraury 14th and 15th by the True Loves at Skerik's Swami Sound studio. The instrumental follow up to our debut album released in 2015 featuring the vocals of Grace Love, this record shows the True Loves transitioning from the more traditional support role of a soul ensemble backing a vocalist to getting creative and writing music for our instrumentation as an instrumental ensemble. A handful of the tunes had been written during the time performing with Grace and were used as introduction pieces for the ensemble while some of the newer tunes were written for the sole purpose of completing a record/demo that we can use to move forward as a band. 'Famous Last Words' features our brand of dance floor funk, infused with jazz, latin, r&b and surf music styles to create a show that is dynamic and encompassing of the entire ensembles mix of experience.