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Objects In Mirror

Objects In Mirror

Color Red Producer: Jason Cressey

Producer - True Loves

Jason Cressey - Trombone
Greg Kramer - Trombone
Gordon Brown - Tenor Saxophone
Skerik - Baritone Saxophone
Jimmy James - Guitar (Electric)
Bryant Moore - Bass Guitar (Electric)
David McGraw - Drums
Iván Galvez - Percussion Instruments, Congas

Tracking Engineer - Floyd Reitsma
Studio Litho

Mixing Engineer - Floyd Reitsma
Studio Litho

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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True Loves rev up their engines in “Objects in Mirror,” a high-energy, dance-your-pants-off anthem for the quintessential car chase scene. The track epitomizes the underlying vibes of the Seattle-based instrumental soul outfit’s signature sound with an unrelenting rhythm section driving the groove accompanied by a tight, fire-breathing horn section. Listeners’ jaws will drop upon hearing the Jimmy James’ guitar solo with delay and Leslie and Skerik blasting a masterful baritone saxophone solo. The blusey soul jazz cut originated out of a 2015 jam originally written and recorded by David McGraw (drums), Bryant Moore (bass), and Jimmy James (guitar) that made its way onto the band’s forthcoming sophomore LP ‘Sunday Afternoon’ out on May 28, 2021.

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