Manifest (feat. Todd Stoops, Jordan Linit, Leah Concialdi, Eddie Roberts)

By: Dragondeer
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“Manifest” by Dragondeer is a sonic pursuance of setting the intentions of one’s desires and bringing them into existence. Fixating on the chanting nature of the vocals at the end of John Coltrane’s “Acknowledgement”on his legendary album ‘A Love Supreme,’ Eric Halborg set out on a rainy walk in Denver’s Cheeseman Park. The original intent of the night was to attend a full moon seance hosted by local magic emporium RitualCrvft, but the event was canceled due to heavy rain. Nevertheless, he sought out resolution for the lingering melodies in his head. He recalls the rhythm of the rain hitting his hood falling into cadence and pulling out the words “manifest the light, manifest tonight” to honor the Love Supreme chant as the moon peeked through the clouds. The moon’s glow while walking through the neighborhood alleys would set the tone for an upbeat psalm to manifest one’s destiny. The transcendental acknowledgment within itself paved the way for a blistering collaboration at Color Red Studios calling in a roster of sought after musicians including Eddie Roberts, Jordan Linit, Todd Stoops, Will Trask, and the TNERTLE horn section. As a modern, buoyant reflection of Coltrane’s spiritual awakenings, the highlight of the track is an extended, tranced-out afrobeat-inspired jam at the end of the song that sets the table for all of the collaborators to manifest the magic both within themselves as individuals and in the spirit of collaborating with those around them. "Manifest" is part of a full-length album produced by Eddie Roberts to be released on Color Red in 2021.