Patient Boy

By: Dragondeer
Produced By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
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Dragondeer brings a raucous alt-soul thunder to traipse through life’s trials and tribulations in “Patient Boy.” After returning home from a late night, vocalist/guitarist Eric Halborg laid down the skeleton of the tune strumming a traditional blues progression on an acoustic guitar and recording the impromptu lyrics on his phone. The full band gave it a funky twist and a little shake with collaborators Will Trask (High Hawks) on percussion and Casey Russell (Organ). The filled-out track has a Rolling Stones-esque sound polished by Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds) sailing the ship on production and mixing. Halborg’s lyrics speak to having patience amongst the rigamarole of fitting into societal standards of being told how to conduct your life and commanding to be free from the unsolicited commentary. “Patient Boy” will release in tandem with Roadhouse Brewery’s Mountain Jam Vol. 7, a Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with the band to celebrate the intersection of live music and craft beer in a carefree lifestyle that exemplifies the "Patient Boy's" call of living your life on your own terms.