Mirage a Trios / Max Patch

By: Dragondeer
Produced By: Sounds of Josh Fairman
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“Mirage à Trois” presents a daring merger between downtempo disco and Southern funk. Dragondeer’s insightful play on words draws attention to the relationship between the proverbial me, myself, and I. “Call it paranoia or delusion...it's a cautionary tale of getting past the tricks your mind can play on you,” vocalist Eric Halborg explains. Casey Sidwell’s bass line, Carl Sorensen’s drum pocket and Thievery Corporation's Jeff Franca's tasteful percussion represent initial stability. Guitar exchanges between Cole Rudy and Analog Son guitarist Jordan Linit spiral into energy that lends itself into spinning thoughts and hazy daydreams. Halborg and Linit heighten the hallucinatory tale through wistful solos as the song ramps up then fades out mirroring an illusion rather than a crash and burn. “Max Patch” is Dragondeer’s token of appreciation to the highest open field on the Appalachian trail. The smokey mountain funk tune was written when the group had a few days off on tour and stayed in a rural cabin on the North Carolina/Tennessee border. The song lyrics speak to the easy vibes reminiscent of a moonshine drinking jam session between close family and friends situated above the cloud line at the cabin. The carefree groove presents equal parts soul and rock and roll, just as the lyrics call out—think one part Meters, one part Allman Brothers stirred up with a twist of funky guitar from Jordan Linit (Analog Son) and poised conga grooves lent by Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation). Dragondeer dove into expansive sonic territories during their Color Red session that embodies the collaborative vision of both the label and the Colorado music scene within itself.