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Mirage a Trios / Max Patch

Mirage a Trios / Max Patch

Produced by Josh Fairman

Eric Halborg - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Casey Sidwell - Bass Guitar
Cole  Rudy - Guitar
Carl Sorensen - Drums
Jordan Linit - Guitar
Jeff Franca - Percussion

Tracking Engineer - Josh Fairman
Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Josh Fairman
Scanhope Sound

Mastering Engineer - Jason Livermore
The Blasting Room

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Mirage à Trois” presents a daring merger between downtempo disco and Southern funk. Dragondeer’s insightful play on words draws attention to the relationship between the proverbial me, myself, and I. “Call it paranoia or's a cautionary tale of getting past the tricks your mind can play on you,” vocalist Eric Halborg explains. Casey Sidwell’s bass line, Carl Sorensen’s drum pocket and Thievery Corporation's Jeff Franca's tasteful percussion represent initial stability. Guitar exchanges between Cole Rudy and Analog Son guitarist Jordan Linit spiral into energy that lends itself into spinning thoughts and hazy daydreams. Halborg and Linit heighten the hallucinatory tale through wistful solos as the song ramps up then fades out mirroring an illusion rather than a crash and burn.

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