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Stay High

Stay High

Produced by Eric Halborg, Casey Sidwell, Cole Rudy & Carl Sorensen

Eric Halborg - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Casey Sidwell - Bass Guitar
Cole  Rudy - Guitar
Carl Sorensen - Drums

Tracking Engineer - Jesse O'Brien
Colorado Sound Studios

Mixing Engineer - Jesse O'Brien
Colorado Sound Studios

Mastering Engineer - Jason Livermore
The Blasting Room Studios

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Dragondeer’s “Stay High” is an upbeat track with retro vibes that presents pliable duality at its finest. Guitarist/lap steel player Cole Rudy recalls the words and framework flowing effortlessly through his pen starting with an initial guitar riff and lyrics that were filled out with Casey Sidwell’s funky, thumping bass line; Carl Sorensen’s head bobbing boom-bap beats; and Eric Halborg’s Bowie-like vocals. The song presents a dual meaning—through the lyric “sacraments for you and me,” Rudy reflects on using cannabis as a “sacrament,” especially for engaging in musical activities and connecting with the audience. Fast forward to present times where the song fits hand-in-hand with raising spirits during an international pandemic. Whether it’s increasing output in productivity or creativity or needing a tune to help weather the storm, “Stay High” is positioned to be timeless and uplifting—whatever you want it to be to you, it is.

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