For Elise

By: Electric Beethoven
Produced By: Sounds of Reed Mathis
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Electric Beethoven's "For Elise" is a modern-day refresh of Beethoven's solo piano classic "Für Elise" that gives the composition a whole new shine via a funky facelift and dance-floor makeover. The second new Electric Beethoven single released via Color Red shows no bounds as Reed Mathis and company investigate why Beethoven is the seed that first sprouted so much of today's funk, jam, jazz, and live improvisational dance music. While exercising a theme and variations form structure that is rooted in classical music, the interpretation is timeless and transcends genres as Mathis (bass), Todd Stoops (keys), Clay Welsh (guitar) and Josh Raymer (drums) introduce the theme that permutates into guitar and bass pizzicato over floating synth soundscapes, and later to call-and-response hits that pique the listeners’ interest before a playful whole-band improvisation section. It's a jam that highlights the group’s mission to never arbitrarily pass around solos, one at a time, but rather heighten the “theme and variation," with every musician building upon the established foundation with their own personal flair. This incantation slides back into the primary theme, reminding us that life is finite after all, even in times of transcendence and universal connections, and our journeys all have destinations. But getting there -- from here -- will make you want to "buy the ticket, take the ride," and with every relisten you'll experience a new adventure on the way to that shore.