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To Love The World

To Love The World

Color Red Producer: Reed Mathis

Produced by Reed Mathis, Otis McDonald

Reed Mathis - Bass, Musical Arrangement
Todd Stoops - Keyboards, Electric Organ
Clay Welch - Guitar
Josh Raymer - Drums

Tracking Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mixing Engineer - Otis McDonald
Hyde Street Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Artist - Christopher Ball
Deep Groove Designs

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Electric Beethoven used a little-known but profound section of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony as the basis for “To Love the World.” In the original composition, Beethoven used German poet Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” as his muse inspired by its call for hope and brotherhood. While the excerpt takes a mere three minutes in its original form, the quartet divided it into five distinct sections and treated each one like its own statement outfitting them with their own mood, color, and groove. In present times of uncertainty and isolation, Reed Mathis felt Beethoven and Schiller’s sentiments come full circle as “To Love the World” can serve as the perfect incantation for modern-day improvisers to heal themselves from our wounded world.

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