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Box Set: "The Double LPs"

Box Set: "The Double LPs"

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts, Reed Mathis
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Color Red is excited to offer a box set of our premier double LP vinyl records, The Deplar Effect by The New Mastersounds, Hear No Evil by Electric Beethoven, and Plug & Play by The New Mastersounds. Too often are albums condensed into the short span of a single LP, but these records deserve much more than the standard 45 minutes. Listen to the renowned sound of The New Mastersounds in their albums Plug & Play and The Deplar Effect, and hear how vocalist Dionne Charles and Lamar Williams Jr. elevate their sound to new heights. Dive deep into the theory and genius of not only the iconic Ludwig van Beethoven but also composer/producer Reed Mathis in Electric Beethoven's debute double LP, Hear No Evil.

At a discounted price, Color Red Box Sets are a great opportunity for you to stock your vinyl collection with a curated, cohesive set of Color Red records.

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