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Gonna Get In My Way

Gonna Get In My Way

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts

Produced by Eddie Roberts


Eddie Roberts - Guitar, Tambourine, Acoustic Guitar
Joe Tatton - Electric Organ
Pete Shand - Bass
Simon Allen - Drums 
Lamar Williams Jr. - Background Vocals, Vocals
Chad Pike - Cowbell

Tracking Engineer - Josh Fairman, Wade Koeman
Floki Studios

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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"Gonna Get In My Way” by The New Mastersounds musically started as a homage to The Allman Brothers Band with a southern funk guitar riff played on both electric guitar and acoustic slide guitar. The group enlisted vocalist Shelby Kemp of the Mississippi-based band Royal Horses to pen the lyrics. Kemp details that the track is written from the perspective of a working musician and notes that it’s an “inside looking out description of the struggles of finding and being one’s true self.” The southern roots of the song struck a chord with Lamar Williams Jr. son of the late Allman Brothers’ bassist Lamar Williams (1972-1976), who made it his own memorable anthem and laid it down in one take. The track is the lead single off of The New Mastersounds’ forthcoming album ‘The Deplar Effect,’ recorded at Floki Studios in Northern Iceland in collaboration with Color Red and Eleven Music Experiences.

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