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The Path

The Path

Color Red Producer: Reed Mathis

Produced by Reed Mathis, Otis McDonald

Reed Mathis - Bass, Musical Arrangement
Todd Stoops - Keyboards, Electric Organ
Clay Welch - Guitar
Josh Raymer - Drums

Tracking Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mixing Engineer - Otis McDonald
Hyde Street Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Artist - Christopher Ball
Deep Groove Designs

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Reed Mathis vividly recalls being haunted by a scene in the film ‘Immortal Beloved’ where Gary Oldman portrays Beethoven sitting at a piano playing a quiet, loss of innocence melody as he comes to terms with experiencing hearing loss. The melody played is the second movement of Piano Sonata No.8 best known as “Pathétique,” Mathis’ personal favorite melody in Beethoven’s vast repertoire. “The Path” by Electric Beethoven uses “Pathétique” as their muse as Mathis envisions a present-times scenario of the 1994 scene reimagined taking place at a country church with the organ reverberating across the lake while frogs chirp as the sun sets. The modern instrumentation and driving beat set the stage for feelings of hope and redemption that are pristinely mixed by Rob Eaton, guitarist of Dark Star Orchestra who has also produced several albums for the iconic jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny.

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