Camins del Priorat

By: Eddie Roberts , Color Red All-Stars
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This tune captures the essence of the project/band: Hard Bop Jazz drums and horns, grooving upright bass, modal piano rhythmic pattern, modern keys effects, bubbling jazz guitar, all underpinned by a 4-to-the-floor kick and hats. Chris Spies on keys brought the piano motif to the band and we set up the groove with bass and drums. Gabe and Nick worked on a head while the groove was being flushed out, and we ended up recording drums, bass, 2 keys (Aron Magner and Spies) and horns (trumpet and sax on one mic) all at the same time to tape. Eddie then overdubbed the guitar where there was space once he'd edited the track, added programed drums, and made a rough mixed. Look out for the quote from Lee Morgan's 'Search for a New Land' ;-)