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4 Walls

By: The New Mastersounds
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The New Mastersounds and Lamar Williams Jr collaborated across continents in the remote recording of “4 Walls.” In light of stay-at-home orders across the world, Williams recalls writing the lyrics while in quarantine at his home in Atlanta, GA staring at the four walls around him and wondering when society will return to normalcy. He ruminates on planning weekends around big shows as both a musician and concertgoer—“we have love for the masses and when we come out of this, we’re going to reflect on our values and look at life a little differently.” Simon Allen laid down some drum ideas in his home of Leeds, UK then passed it to Pete Shand on bass to flesh out some grooves in his home in Spain. Eddie Roberts created an arrangement out of the parts and recorded guitar in Denver, CO at Color Red Studios ready for Lamar to write to. Once the vocals were down, Joe Tatton added the final key layers in the UK. On the production side, Roberts and Williams took queues from Rick James adding layers of delay and reverb over the vocals. This is the first track in a series of remote recordings The New Mastersounds and Lamar Williams Jr plan on releasing in the coming months.