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Star Kitchen - Punches

Star Kitchen closes out the whirlwind of 2020 and rolling with the punches in their aptly titled second single “Punches.” Comprised of music industry veterans Marc Brownstein (bass), Danny Mayer (guitar), Rob Marscher (keyboards), and Marlon Lewis (drums), the collective builds a mosaic of their respective backgrounds and interests in hip-hop, reggae, jam-rock, and electronica in the multi-vibrational instrumental effort. This track also features Nate Werth of Snarky Puppy & Ghost Note on percussion. “Punches” represents a time capsule of both solace and zeal in an otherwise anxious and pivotal moment where the band had a couple of days off tour and was snowed in at Color Red Studios in early February 2020. Brownstein was coming off of eye surgery and reports of COVID-19 and impending shutdowns were already surfacing on national news. The song represents both the relaxed nature of the studio with the haste of the world about to be flipped upside down for the rest of the year. 

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